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PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker APK for Android

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  • Version: 15.5.2

Free, all-in-one photo editing app

PicsArt – Photo Editor, or simply PicsArt is a popular, feature-rich photo app that perhaps covers all the bases of mobile photography. It is a versatile photo editor that you can use when you are looking for creative control, excellent image-editing tools, and a large selection of filters. This software does not only stop in providing you with effects and editing tools. In fact, the app has so many features that it can get a little overwhelming, especially for users who are only looking to enhance their pictures a little.

App’s usability

Upon launching PicsArt, the first thing you’ll notice is the visually busy community page. It might take you a while to wade through the buttons, especially if you are new to the app. To make sure you don’t get lost in the wide array of tools displayed, you can visit the app’s website and read its extensive how-to features. Once you’re used to the app, using it can be very logical.

As with most photo editing apps, you’ll start with importing your pictures from your device’s library. And with the image on the screen, you can use the buttons on the bottom of the interface and play with the app’s main features. The tool buttons let you perform basic editing tasks, such as cropping, rotating, and resizing. PicsArt also comes with an extra tool, including a cropping feature that lets you crop a specific shape.

The effects tool comes with several categories, including artistic, paper effects, color splash, and simple color corrections. From the same tool, you can use the drawing button, which has a fully customizable paintbrush and the capability to add shapes and texts. It can even overlay another photo on top of your original image.

PicsArt offers smooth and more responsive tools. It is also easier to understand compared to Snapseed, which is a superb editing tool but intended more for professional photographers. PicsArt’s clean yet transparent controls allow novices to experiment with their pictures without the need for a steep learning curve.

Stickers and community

Aside from easy-to-use controls and artistic filters, PicsArt also comes with a nice selection of stickers. To make it even better, users can now create their custom stickers using their photos. For example, you can cut out a flower you snapped or your head and make a sticker out of them. However, there is no feathering control on the cutout tool, and if you’re clumsy, the cutout can sometimes result in a jagged edge. But, if you are happy with the stickers you made, you can share them with the PicsArt community. You can even use what the other users made by searching through the sticker library.

Speaking of sharing, PicsArt has added its biggest feature, called Remix, which a lively dimension of social photo editing to the app. Using this feature, you can share your edited photos with a group of up to 50 friends, and they can add stickers and texts in it. They can even copy and paste portions of other pictures on it.

In addition to sharing the image to a group of your friends who also use the app, you can also share your edited photos via e-mail or your social media app. However, you cannot share your pictures with multiple social networking platforms at once.

An intuitive and powerful editing tool

PicsArt is arguably one of the best photo editing tools for beginners. It has a rich and highly accessible collection of editing and collaging tools and provides lots of creative control while keeping everything fun. There is a bit of adjustment to the overwhelming number of tools, but once you get past that, you’ll have a great time experimenting with the app’s comprehensive line of functions and effects.

A photo camera, with multiple live filters and artistic masks.

Creativity is more than just a filter - PicsArt (aka PicsArt Photo Studio) is your best choice for making amazing photo edits and photo collages, capturing images with the camera, creating digital drawings, and communicating with a global community of creative people who have joined our mission to beautify the world.

250 million people have already downloaded this free photo editor for powerful image editing and photo montages, using hundreds of tools, filters, and effects that you can find only in professional photo editing programs. PicsArt’s photo editor, collage maker, and drawing tools are the best way to keep your inspiration flowing and allow you to create beautiful images anytime, anywhere. Transform your photos into works of art and let the world discover them!

The app includes:

  • global community of creatives
  • Hundreds of photo editing tools
  • Customizable filters and effects
  • Text, sticker, and image overlays
  • Collage maker
  • Photo camera
  • Drawing and painting tools with layers
  • Advanced artistic brushes
  • Generate animated gif and videos

PicsArt allows anyone to connect through image sharing, art contests, and collaborative editing with the #FreeToEdit hashtag, as well as to share images on a variety of popular social platforms.

PicsArt features:
A powerful mobile photo editor, providing a wide array of photo editing tools such as a clone tool, crop tool, photo blending and enhancement tool, text overlays, image overlays, layer editing, photo filters, camera layers, and hundreds of customizable brush filters, masks, shape masks, and more. PicsArt also hosts weekly photo editing contests based on these features.

Share beautiful images, discover other creatives, and connect with like-minded people. PicsArt is a social community for everyone—we welcome amateur artists and hobbyists. Enjoy instant sharing on PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, WhatsApp and via email.

The best collage maker to create photo collages in grids, collage frames, free-form, or with photos in the background. It’s easy to make collages and share to Facebook and Instagram. With PicsArt’s picture editor, you can create family and wedding collages, greeting cards, quick step-by-step tutorials, and more.

A drawing suite, including artistic brushes, layers, stickers, and overlays. You can generate time-lapse videos of your drawing process and share them on YouTube. Enter your drawings in our weekly drawing contests.
Thousands of themed clipart images, stickers, frames, filters, and collage frames. The PicsArt Shop contains both free and paid items, and we add new packages every week.

Contests for photography, photo editing, drawing, and graphic design.

A large gallery of free public images for co-editing and collaboration under the #FreeToEdit hashtag.


  • Comprehensive selection of editing tools and effects
  • Smooth and responsive controls
  • Active social network
  • Shares to social sites


  • Cluttered interface
  • Cannot share to multiple social networking platforms at once
  • Cutout tool does not have feathering
  • Lots of functions can be overwhelming


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PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker


PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker 15.5.2 for Android


User reviews about PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

  • Zain KhAn

    by Zain KhAn

    i like this app...!.
    i think its very good we edited our pictures and i like this app...
    Pros: we edit our pic what type ofMore

  • Vasu Chovatiya

    by Vasu Chovatiya

    i love this app.
    best software for photo editing and best app for andriod so i love this software & app.
    Pros: cutout

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    nice frame.
    I liked the design of frame. Cool but seems too slow when first I downloaded.

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